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Imagine Peace: Build Windmills Not Weapons

When:  January 21, 2023
 – 2:00 pm

An open mic where three people spoke to about 20 folks at SOMOS (Society of the Muse of the Southwest) for those concerned with nuclear proliferation, wars and a desire for global peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons. The 1963 speech for peace by John F. Kennedy was profiled, a peace story written by Rivera Sun was read by the organizer of the event plus commentary on the January 2022 Pastoral Letter by the Archbishop of Santa Fe, John Wester, was profiled and discussed by the organizer. There was a 15 minute question and answer period following the above commentary. In addition, a local Taos radio station, Cultural Energy, recorded the event and it may be broadcast at a later date. The event has posters displayed in Taos (attached) and the Taos News gave notice of the event (attached).

Where:  108 Civic Plaza Drive

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