Nuclear Ban Treaty Collaborative

Resources for Actions

THERE ARE LOTS OF RESOURCES HERE — for groups and individuals. please scroll down to see everything that is available!

On this page you will find templates for banners, signs and posters that you can have printed. ( has great prices on vinyl banners, fast and inexpensive shipping. They almost always have a “sale” going on for 40-50% off).

There are also many resources you can print and/or use yourself. These include materials for education (Fact sheets and reflection pieces) and for use at actions and events (Treaty excerpts for public reading, ICAN stencils, Litanies for religious communities, Voices of Witnesses, hibakusha video links, and more).

There are resources for individual actions (sample letters to the editor, letters to Senators and Reps; signs for social media campaigns). There are resources for campus/university connected organizing. There are resources for organizing (What you can do/ The power of One).

So — please take the time to scroll down through the very long list of options and decide what works best for you and your group.

IMPORTANT: Your action is significant. PLEASE multiply the power of whatever you choose to do by posting a report, photos, video or other documentation on the Facebook page: Nuclear Ban Treaty Days of Action. We want to document the power of this growing movement and we want your action to inspire others!

IS THAT ALL? Hey, c’mon, that’s a lot! But if you have other ideas or suggestions, share them at Nuclear Ban Treaty Days of Action on Facebook and/or email We can’t promise we can add everything by January 22, but we’ll do our best to provide as many resources as we can. ALSO, if you are participating in MLK events and want to highlight his opposition to nuclear weapons, there are a few resources (banner, op-ed, LTE) provided in a separate post on OREPA’s site.

What would you like to learn about?