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Localities and Legislators Working Group

In its first ten months, the Localities and Legislators Working Group has, in addition to sorting itself out, accomplished the following:

1. Set up a listserv to connect all 33 members.

2. Many members either have persuaded their city councils (or state legislatures) to pass resolutions in support of nuclear abolition, or are currently in the process of doing so.

3. Created a Nuclear Weapons Abolition Resources listing at Resources listed include – but are not limited to — articles, books, films, humor, organizations, organizing aids and much more. This is a work in progress.

4. Planned and began to create a series of educational TikTok videos about nuclear weapons to educate young people about the problem. This series prepares viewers for a second series, which will seek to recruit them into our movement.

5. At each meeting, members have updated each other on local abolition efforts they are engaged in, and have shared resources. This has led to some project cross-fertilization.

6. Created a way for activists to print ICAN logo stickers to use in whatever way they devise. Use Avery 22806 sticker stock and print from

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Localities and Legislators Working Group

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