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Days of Action Working Group

The Days of Action Working Group identifies key dates on the calendar related to nuclear weapons with a focus on those dates that are related to the aims and commitments of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. January 22, for instance, the anniversary of the entry into force of the treaty, is one such date.

Because of its commitment to address the concerns, needs, and obligations due to communities affected by the use and testing of nuclear weapons, other dates are equally appropriate for highlighting the TPNW — August 6 (Hiroshima) and 9 (Nagasaki), for instance; July 16 (Trinity test), and others.

The Days of Action Working Group tries to do four things.

1. Provide resources for people to use, either as individuals or as groups, to bring the message of the Ban Treaty to the public, media, and officials on Days of Action.

2. Organize national zoom meetings leading up to Days of Action to share ideas, generate interest, provide useful suggestions and materials, and encourage additional participation in Days of Action.

3. In keeping with the Ban Treaty’s focus on the humanitarian and environmental impacts of nuclear weapons, we try to elevate the voices of affected communities and to encourage others who are planning actions to do the same. Members of affected communities not only offer a compelling witness to the devastating effects of nuclear weapons, they have a unique standing to demand an end to the nuclear threat and attention to the persistent health and ecological damage done by the use and testing of nuclear weapons.

4. Collect documentation—reports, photos, video—of actions that include the Ban Treaty held on or near particular days.

The Days of Action Working Group meets monthly via zoom. We welcome participants who want to join this effort.

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Days of Action Working Group

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