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The Schools of Mass Destruction Working Group

The Schools of Mass Destruction Working Group was inspired by the report of the same name issued by ICAN. That report identifies the top 50 colleges and universities in the US that are connected to nuclear weapons research or production work whether they are managing the Nuclear Weapons Labs (hey, there, University of California!) or providing workforce support for production sites (Roane County Community College, we see you!)

The report was a great starting point for the Working Group; in addition to being a great educational tool, it has generated ideas. 

In the first ten months, the Working Group held monthly zoom meetings and involved students, faculty and campus activists from half a dozen schools, including some not on the ICAN list. But even those schools are likely implicated in weapons production through their endowments, investing money in corporations or with financial institutions with direct complicity in weapons production.

We also have developed the University Pledge that can be used as an organizing tool. The pledge is a commitment by those who sign it not to be involved in nuclear weapons work and it is an appeal to their school to cut all ties with the US nuclear weapons complex. It’s not just for students; it has a place to designate your affiliation with the school —faculty, administration, alumni/ae, or other employee.

The Schools Working Group has set up a Slack channel to facilitate communication between campus groups and individuals who are organizing against nuclear weapons.

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Schools of Mass Destruction Working Group

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